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Game Shakers | How to Design 3D Games at Pixel Academy

The Game Shakers Cast goes to coding camp in Brooklyn to meet real life game makers! Kel Mitchell, Thomas Kuc, Benjamin Flores Jr.,

Make a Game Like the Game Shakers | Nick - YouTube

Did you know coding is used in everything from microwaves to your favorite music? Watch the #GameShakers share some of their favorite fun

Game Shakers | Making Your Favorite New Games | Nick

Game Shakers' Babe and Kenzie have the coolest studio ever! Get a peek at how they worked on making Sky Whale and don't forget to download

Game Shakers | Making Games & Kicking App! | Nick - YouTube

From the creator of Henry Danger comes a brand new show - the Game Shakers! Coming September 12th to Nickelodeon!

What's your Game Shakers Dream Job? - Nick UK

If you joined the Game Shakers team, what would your Game Shakers dream job be? Take this free online quiz to find out if you'd be a Game Coder,

Game Shakers New Episodes, Videos and Games on

With their newly made millions, they launched GAME SHAKERS, a super cool gaming company in Brooklyn, and brought in their friends Hudson, Triple G,

Game Shakers | Netflix

Game Shakers. 2015 | TV-G | 1 Season | Sitcoms. After the app they created for a school project goes viral, best friends Babe and Kenzie become business

Watch Game Shakers | Prime Video -

Rapper Double G finds out they used his song and comes to collect his share. Despite their differences, the group teams up to create Game Shakers!

Watch Game Shakers Season 4 | Prime Video -

The Game Shakers set Hudson up with a let's play account to help promote their games, but things quickly get out of hand when Hudson puts on Dub's rocket boots

GameShakers - Twitter

The latest Tweets from GameShakers (@GameShakers). This is the official Twitter for Game Shakers! Saturdays on Nickelodeon. Brooklyn, NY.