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Gold-mine sentence example

Gold-mine sentence example · It could be a gold mine . · This site is a real gold mine to anyone teaching reading or literature. · In 18 951896 he examined part of

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Goldmine sentence example The secret process used by the world's best copywriters to turn any ad into a goldmine ! Without doubt, Humala and close

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What information is worth extracting from this gold mine? · It is too bad; to fail to see a gold mine right in front of you out of principle is

Gold mine in a sentence

Gold mine in a sentence · 1, The programme was a gold mine for small production companies. · 2, This restaurant is a potential gold mine. · 3, A

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4天前 Gold mine definition is - a rich source of something desired. How to use gold mine in a sentence.

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Use “goldmine” in a sentence | “goldmine” sentence examples · 1. The nightclub turned out to be a real goldmine. · 2. The archive is a goldmine for historians. · 3

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Goldmine in a sentence | goldmine example sentences. This was probably a goldmine. The girl was a ditz but as far as gossip went, she was a goldmine.

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Examples of 'gold mine' in a sentence. gold mine · Winter sports have been a gold mine of fashion since the earliest days of tweed. · The quotations in this book

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How to use gold mine in a sentence · Reviews are a gold mine when it comes to improving visibility for local search. · Sports publishers are increasingly digging

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What is the definition of GOLD MINE? What is the meaning of GOLD MINE? How do you use GOLD MINE in a sentence? What are synonyms for GOLD MINE?

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gold mine. 1. Literally, a mine where gold ore is found and excavated. Also written as "goldmine." More than 500 workers have become

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How to use gold mine in a sentence. In straight relationships with an age gap, words like 'gold-digger' and 'trophy wife' get thrown around.

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Examples of using Gold mine in a sentence and their translations Knowing that you are gold mine I stood in disbelief. यह जानते हुए कि तुम

a useful trade is a mine of gold in Chinese - Ichacha

trade is a mine of gold in Chinese : 君子和窃贼的思想不同…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, meaning, pronunciation and example sentences.

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Examples of Cosmo Gold Mine in a sentence. The Company has engaged an independent contractor to provide mining and development services at its Cosmo Gold Mine

Kyrgyzstan moves to nationalise gold mine run by Canadian

Months before winning a landslide, he was freed from prison where he was serving an 11-and-a-half-year sentence for kidnapping a local official

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High quality example sentences with “mine of information” in context from reliable "You don't walk away from that gold mine of information," she said.

Slaves rescued from illegal gold mine run by blacklisted

Nunes was found guilty of enslaving workers in 2018 and received a sentence of five years in prison, but she has not been jailed and is

The Development of the South African Gold-Mining Industry

The gold mines of South Africa have supplied an increas- a sentence of death for mining concerns. Collusion in this area of activity, as.

Sentence With Gold Mine

How to use goldmine in a sentence. Example sentences with the word goldmine. goldmine example mining | Example sentences Since 1987 not only has