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One of the first things that early colonists went after, as they tried to recreate Europe in the American wilderness, was iron. Iron ore had turned up on an

History of the iron and steel industry in the United States

By 1776, up to 80 iron furnaces throughout the American colonies were producing about as much iron as Britain itself. If one estimate of 30,000


The iron industry of the middle colonies during the eighteenth century was centered on "iron American Manufacturers/3 says that the iron from all these.

Iron Mining and Metallurgy |

Iron mining, refining, and manufacturing were at the core of early American industrial development. The iron industry was both the most capital-intensive to

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The traditional date for the founding of the American iron industry is 1622. In that year the English-based Virginia Company of London first attempted to

In-Depth Articles - Iron Beginnings in America

Most early American ironworks extracted the iron ore from "bog iron" were sent under the command of Mr. Berkeley and iron production began in earnest.

Virginia Iron in the Colonial Era

Virginia, geology, iron, furnace, deposit, colonial. Through the 1600's, England relied upon its domestic iron industry and imports from Sweden to

Iron Forge in Colonial America by Harry Schenawolf

As the colonies moved towards rebellion, iron forges expanded their capabilities beyond merely shipping smelted pig iron to England. Refinery

Saugus Iron Works: Life and Work at an Early American

To explain the role of the Saugus Iron Works in the start of the American iron industry; 4. To define the role archeology can play in helping us

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Thousands of colonial Americans worked day and night at some 30-odd forge and Iron production flourished in so unlikely an area as the Pine Barrens