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Order Lab Mixer Impellers & Mixing Blades - Mixer Direct

Mixer Direct has a wide selection of lab impellers of almost any conceivable geometry. Low shear impellers, small axial and radial flow turbine,

Lab Scale Impellers - INDCO

Results 1 - 15 of 166 Shop for lab scale impellers, by diameter, material construction, surface finish, material and style, including jiffy mixers,

Impellers & Shafts - Caframo Lab Solutions

Axial flow impeller effective for low shear mixing. Stainless steel blade secured to For low speed, high viscosity mixing of small volumes. View Product.

Overhead Stirrer Propellers and Blades | Fisher Scientific

Mix lab batches with scale up advantage. The 4 blade, left hand rotation of the Pitched Turbine creates axial flow with moderate shear.

Promix Mixer Lab Propellers

The laboratory impellers are designed for all-purpose mixing, blending, agitating, and liquid movement. Specifically designed to be used in laboratory

Overhead Mixers Accessories - Grainger Industrial Supply

Get your laboratory mixer accessories at Grainger. You'll find propeller blades, mixing impellers, buckets, support stands and more.

Sanitary & Industrial Mixing Impellers - WMProcess

Folding props, or drum bung mixer propellers are suited for 55gal drum mixing and carboys with small openings to fit the mixing impeller.

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YUCHENGTECH Dispersing Disc Dispersion Impeller Dispersing Machine Blade Paddle Deschem 24# PTFE Standard Stopper,Lab Stirrer Bearing Adapter,7mm

Mixing Blades at Thomas Scientific

Mixing Blades found in: Propeller Shafts, Mixer Homogenizer, different uses in labs – as a sampling spoon, for measuring or transferring small amounts,

Overhead Stirrer Propellers and Blades - The Laboratory Store

Blade and Half-Moon Impeller These impellers are recommended for applications which require average speed | For mixing tasks with little or average

Selecting an Impeller for Your Overhead Stirrer | Blog

Shear is low and there is little vertical flow. Good for high speed, low viscosity mixing; Can create a vortex. Blade paddle.

Stirrer Accessories - Scitek Technologies for Science

Stirrer Accessories · 3 – 15 m/sec: Radial Flow Impeller · 2 – 5 m/sec: VISCO JET®, Blade and Anchor-Type Impellers.

Mixing Equipment (Impeller Type) - Wiley Online Library

lateral natural frequency of a mixer shaft and impellers. (See natural frequency.) A small laboratory mixer is mounted on a low fiiction bearing.

ViscoMAX™ Multi-Shaft Mixers - Morehouse Cowles

Laboratory Mixers. For formulation development or small scale production batches, MorehouseCowles offers scaled down versions of our standard dissolvers and

Impellers - Chemineer

A high efficiency turbulent flow impeller used on our smallest turbine agitators at direct drive motor speeds on our DT, BTNS and RBTNS agitator lines. The high

Conventional Impellers | EKATO

In mixing technology, a large variety of impellers is used for a wide range With a diameter ratio of 0.9 to 0.99, the anchor impeller has a small wall

Overhead Mixers Accessories - Grainger Industrial Supply

Get your laboratory mixer accessories at Grainger. You'll find propeller blades, mixing impellers, buckets, support stands and more.

Lab Stirrers, Impellers and Magnetic Coupling - Remi Lab World

REMI presents the next generation of laboratory stirrers for stirring / mixing etc of chemical. pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic products.

Lightnin | SPX Flow

The Lightnin industrial mixer portfolio covers both portable and larger Through the proprietary gearbox and impeller technologies developed in recent


Whenthe yield stress is large or the impeller speed is small, in other words the average shear rate in the mixing vessel is small,.

Super-Mix series | Technical | SATAKE MultiMix

As general mixing blades, 3-bladed propellers, 4-bladed pitched paddles, the liquid is sucked from the small diameter side of the mixing head part and

Laboratory Stirring & Mixing - Sigma-Aldrich

An overhead stirrer and impeller has many advantages with highly viscous samples over used to swiftly mix reagents or suspend cells within a small vial.

Laboratory Mixers | Jones - Jonesmixers

As the name implies this mixer is intended for small volumes. standard with a variable speed drive and available with a wide variety of mixer impellers.

Series 15 and 20 Lab Mount/Hand Held Mixers - LK Goodwin

Lab Mount/Hand Held Mixers, Lab Agitators, Collapsible Propellers, Hand Held Mixer, These compact, lightweight agitators are perfect for small jobs.


14th European Conference on Mixing. Warszawa, 10-13 September 2012. POWER MEASUREMENTS OF COMMERCIAL LABORATORY. IMPELLERS. H. Ying, S. Lebioda,

Stirrers-OverHead - MRC Lab

for stirring tasks in the laboratory and industry. Mechanical overhead stirrers usually reach speeds of up to 3000 rpm. It comes with an impeller in the

Industrial Mixing Basics: Mixing Impeller Flow Patterns

A center mounted, axial flow impeller in a non-baffled tank will result in rotation of the fluid with little top to bottom motion. This was

LS-1000X Complete Laboratory Stirrer - Gardco

Tabletop stirrers that are adaptable to a wide variety of applications from a small beaker of low viscosity liquid to a gallon of medium-high viscosity

Development of a Mixing Process Using an HB-Type Impeller

For example, when a cylindrical magnetic stirring bar is used for small-scale processes in the laboratory, a mixing vessel with a paddle impeller may be

Tackling Difficult Mixing Problems - AIChE

At that point, the viscosity alone makes mixing the fluid more difficult than mixing low-viscosity, water-like fluids. Small impellers may just bore a hole